As our Earth is the most precious thing we have, we need to preserve it. We work hard to produce top-quality olive oil with a low impact on the environment.

Reducing the carbon footprint

The Carbon footprint is the volume of greenhouse gas caused by the production of goods and services. As gas is released into the environment, carbon footprint reduction is a critical goal to reach. It is advantageous for us as well, as we use energy and resources more efficiently.

Taking organic farming practices and growing more Paulownia trees

Genuineness is one of our core values. We take organic farming practices: we do not use chemicals that may harm people and the environment. We also grow many Paulownia trees, from which we get our locally-produced wood to package our bottles. Paulownia trees have remarkable properties: they can absorb carbon dioxide in large amounts and release more oxygen than other plants.

Protecting biodiversity

We care about biodiversity, and we protect the life of bees in our groves. They are crucial to us: while they feed themselves on wildflowers and on Paulownia, citrus fruit and lotus flowers, they pollinate. Their life is essential to the reproduction of our trees and plants.

Reducing anhydride dioxide emission

We make the packaging of our bottles out of Paulownia wood. It is a precious and resistant wood. It is also considered one of the lightest types of wood in the world and effortless to be transported. This helps our Company to reduce anhydride dioxide emissions.