100% made in Sicily

Extra-virgin olive oil is a precious product obtained through the milling of olives. The high quality of olive oil depends on many factors. The olives should be cultivated in suitable soil, and the use of pesticides should be avoided. At last, it is crucial to preserve the nutritional properties of the olives during the milling. The production of top-quality olive oil starts by cultivating the olives. To preserve the soil’s natural balance, we use organic fertilizer, and we take sustainable agronomic practices, such as shredding.

Raccolta e Produzione

Excellent olive oil is obtained from ripe olives. Like any fruit, olives undergo through different ripening stages. During each phase, the vitamin content of the fruits changes. For this reason, we harvest our olives before they enter the stage of veraison, as it is the moment that they contain more polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol. We harvest manually, using special combs. The crop technique aims to preserve both the plant and the fruit from cutting. If cracked or cut, the olives would start to ferment and lose their precious polyphenols.


An ancient art, made of tradition and innovation: that’s our top-quality extra-virgin olive oil.

The harvesting of olives

The harvesting is done by hand-picking, according to the tradition. We pick the olives when they are golden-green tinted,  juicy and rich in vitamins. At the end of the harvest, olives are put into aerated crates and brought to the mill. The milling takes place within the same day, to obtain a top-quality oil.

Crushing and kneading

The olives are crushed and ground into a paste, which is then conveyed into the kneading machine and mixed. The paste is gently mixed to merge the oil droplets. The oil is then moved into the centrifuge, and separated from the water. During this step, no heat is added to preserve the quality of the oil.

At the mill

When the olives arrive at the mill, the oil production process begins. The fruits undergo the several steps of the milling and finally turn into a high-quality extra-virgin oil. Once arrived at the mill, the olives are placed in the sorting machine and defoliated. They are then sent to the washing machine for cold washing.


The paste is now placed into a decanter, to clear the oil from any remaining water and solids. Extraction is the last stage of milling: our precious green gold is ready to be bottled as the unique Giallombardo olive oil.


Our olive oil is made in Partinico, from the milling of Cerasuola olives. We take organic farming practices: we do not use chemicals.

Giallombardo Extra-virgin Olive oil

Top quality olive oil, 100% made in Sicily

Genuine extra-virgin olive oil is rare, almost impossible to find and only available at the mill. For this reason, we bottle and package our olive oil at the mill, to preserve its superior quality. We sell a unique product to clients who look for healthy Sicilian olive oil.