It's 1850 and Sicily is under the Bourbons, when Mr Salvatore Giallombardo, praetor of Palermo, establishes the Farm. He takes care of the production and the sales until his son Alfredo takes his place.


Alfredo soon builds trading relations with the Kingdom of Italy and some European countries. It is the beginning of a season of development for the Company, which impacts on the economic growth of the area.


The Company starts to send sample bottles of wine to the clients in Europe. This smart and brand-new entrepreneurial strategy soon brings the Company to the next level.


When Alfredo retires, his nephew Roberto takes his place. He brings the Company to the next level, starting to export olive oil and the famous Portellino wine in Europe.


From father to son, the management is handed down to Arturo. He reconverts the whole production into olives and soon starts to sell extra-virgin olive oil.


Arturo is now supported by his son Giuseppe, and his daughter-in-law Giusy. The young couple aims to bring the Company to the next level and win new market sectors. To achieve their goals, they soon start to invest in new technologies and the Internet. Today the Farm is well-know in Italy and in some European countries.