100% Organic & I.G.P Sicilia Oil

Organoleptic Assessment

Golden-green tinted and intense, with the scent of artichoke, chicory and wild thistle. Harmonic taste, with prominent mint and rosemary aroma. Black pepper and almond tones are present, and bitter and spicy notes are well balanced.


The cultivar Cerasuola is mainly spread in the north-western side of Sicily. Most of the olive groves are set in the areas of Palermo and Trapani. The oil obtained from this cultivar is golden-green tinted and fruity. It has well-balanced tones of bitter and spicy, and notes of grass, artichoke and tomato. This cultivar is the most appreciated amongst the ones cultivated in the Island. It has a higher amount of polyphenols and keeps its characteristics and aroma for a longer time.

Food Pairing

It pairs well with starters with asparagus and artichokes, barley and spelt salads, seafood salads, vegetable and legume soups, mushroom salads, grilled mushrooms, vegetable and greens salads, grilled fish, fresh cheeses, grilled red meat, roasted rabbit and poultry, bread, biscuits and doughnut.


Our olive oil is not available on large-scale distribution, as our Company only caters to demanding clients. Our customers are attentive to health and wellbeing; they play sport and look for healthy food.

When they buy a product, they put sustainability, quality and social justice into great consideration. They find all these values in our extra-virgin oil, which is handmade, healthy and genuine. It is bottled in dark glass bottles, to preserve its characteristics.


The area

Handmade olive oil production is an integral part of the history of Partinico. This ancient tradition is witnessed by the old mills and the centenarian trees which still surround the area.

The farm

Our history began in 1850. Today our core values are still handed down from father to son: passion, quality, tradition and innovation.

The production process

How do we produce our olive oil? We maintain its freshness, from the land to your table. Find out more about the production process, from harvesting to bottling.